Fake and Scam

Dear Customer

We have noticed that a team from Gurugram,Delhi is cheating customers by misusing "mybudgetstore'  good name. One of the Froud site we identified is https://festiveseason.co.in/ 

How they are doing scam

step 1:

customer placing the order through the above site. As it is a fraudulent site they have only cash on delivery (COD) option as the payment gateway will not accept this fraud sites

step 2:

They will send cheap quality and wrong products to the customers and they are sending dispatch details , intentionally they are including "my budget..." details in that message to mislead the customers. Example below


 Froud delivery status message

 step 3:

They have created a fake facebook page with our mybudgetstore.in website screenshots

Froud facebook page


Froud Post with my budget store screenshoot

step 4:

So the customer thinks this is from my budget store 

We don't have any relation or connection with this scam sites or any other similar sites.. we are selling our products only through https://mybudgetstore.in/  only

Hereby, we state that we don't have any responsibilities for the orders that weren't placed through our website https://mybudgetstore.in/